Torrey & Aaron Wedding

Grass Valley, CA. The backdrop couldn’t have been more perfect. Torrey and Aaron were up for anything to have a good time on their wedding day and it shows. We had a great time from the horses to the s’mores. Great couple, great place, good times.

Nancy & Alex / Young Blood

We’re kind of obsessed with these guys. Nancy & Alex have rad style, dig cool music and are an all-around dream couple. Did we mention they also know how to have a good time?! We shot their engagement film and photos in one afternoon in Venice and Malibu, CA. Their wedding was last weekend and after the film played on the big screen during their reception, the place went crazy! It’s always the best feeling to see that kind of reaction. We mixed in some stills and then looped it all night while everyone was partying. Talk about an amazingly fun night. It’s why we do what we do.:)

Music: “Young Blood” by The Naked And Famous. Please support them by buying their music on iTunes.

Jennifer & Steven Wedding

Lyndsie & Bobby Wedding

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Ritz-Carlton Weddings

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